Lovingly baked

in Wales

For over 25 years, our expert bakers have been innovating the way we snack, developing deliciously tempting flapjacks with an array of exciting flavors and health benefits.

Enjoy in 10 superb tastes:

• Caramel
• Chocolate
• Dark chocolate & ginger
• Cranberry
• Mulberries
• Apple & blackberry
• Apricot & almond
• Coconut & cashew
• Pecan
• Pistachio

Get to know the Brynmor Flapjacks

Product information

Handmade oat bars
Without preservatives, artificial aromas or colors
Gluten free
Rich in fibre
Non G.M.O.
Vegetarian Society Approved

Packaging: 20 pcs x 80g

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